I asked Lucky to stop leaving strides out but she said fuck you i do what i want
I had a great afternoon hanging out with the bay <3

Every five minutes there’s a new bitchy, pointless post on facebook by an equestrian youtuber to show off and make themselves feel great. Loosen up your helmets and get the fuck over yourselves ~

evading-insanity: Dear Anon, you should come off anon I promise Sam doesn't bite :) (or does she nom nom haha) Also Sam your photos are stunning! :)

I bite when hungry ;)  Thankyou Elise you are my favourite! 

August 17 with 1 note
Mixed feelings about this… not sure if i like it or not.
Anonymous: yea there is. are you friends with antonie olgive the picture you took of him is nice

I don’t know him personally, but i’m close friends with people who are friends with him! Thankyou :) 

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Anonymous: haha im to shy to come off anon

There’s no need to be shy ^.^ Especially if you just said we could have met up at the show! 

August 14 with 1 note
Anonymous: cool i was there we could have meet up :(

Who is this? ;) 

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Anonymous: are the photos from the school show that was recently at woodhill

They sure were. I didn’t get a ton though :)

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