Whenever i fall off my horse i apologize like 50 times for fucking up

The worst part about having a bad ride is looking at the videos and realizing it was because of how bad you rode :/

Saddle shopping is so stressful ;_;

We were young, we were wild, we were halfway free~
I asked Lucky to stop leaving strides out but she said fuck you i do what i want
I had a great afternoon hanging out with the bay <3

Every five minutes there’s a new bitchy, pointless post on facebook by an equestrian youtuber to show off and make themselves feel great. Loosen up your helmets and get the fuck over yourselves ~

evading-insanity: Dear Anon, you should come off anon I promise Sam doesn't bite :) (or does she nom nom haha) Also Sam your photos are stunning! :)

I bite when hungry ;)  Thankyou Elise you are my favourite! 

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