So when i get a message from my best friend saying she’d been harassed by people on her blog and driven to delete it, i knew without a doubt it was her equestrian blog. I knew that because this ”community” is filled with arrogant, know-it-all selfish pricks who think it’s okay to send messages and comment on peoples photographs with nasty words, because they thinkthat they know everything. I see it every time single time i come on this blog. People just can’t get their damn heads out of their asses and consider that words affect people, or that it’s none of their damn business. This is the shittest community i’ve ever been a part of. You’re judging people based on photos. That’s one split second of an event. You don’t know what happened before or after, You don’t know what the height of the other jumps were. Yes, to you ignorant pricks who harassed my best friend over those xc photo’s: That was a fucking 3* course. How do i know this? I was there. We watched the fucking event. We saw the height of the other jumps. We read the event booklet and the photo’s were cross referenced. So before you sit there on your computer calling people out on things they are CORRECT about, consider the fact that you don’t know everything. 

Those photo’s were uploaded to enjoy the damn picture, not give you an open invitation for self righteous bitchyness. And then, to go a step further and send fucking messages with rude, harsh words absolutely disgusts me and i’m so angry i can’t even. A lovely, talented, kind girl was driven to the point of deleting her blog.  Can you all just get over yourselves? I mean don’t get me wrong there are some lovely people out there, but they’re grossly overshadowed by the bitchy lowlifes who reblog pictures with shitty cruel words and send fucked up messages because they’re too arrogant to get their heads out of their ass. Yes, i am really fucking furious. I don’t want to be surrounded in this community, so i’m leaving and my content is gone. I mean i’m not arrogant enough to assume that anyone will care. No, do not bother replying to this if you get the urge to because i will not be coming back on.So your words will be wasted. 

Thankyou to all the lovely people who have sent me lovely words and support, i really really appreciate it and it means soo much to me. I’m also super grateful i haven’t actually received any hate myself. Unfortunately i’m not sticking around to find out because i couldn’t handle it, as much as i wish i could.

And it’s funny, because all the hate i’ve seen has come from one particular area of the globe. At least in my country we don’t have derogatory names for other riders, and give each other some damn respect.

evading-insanity: WAIT WHAT!? This is about Phoebe isn't it cause her blogs not there anymore :( Thats so stupid, people are such assholes! I really really liked her photos.

Yep it sure is! I’m so done with this place. I don’t need to be surrounded by ignorant idiots hahah. Yeah they were fucking amazing right? Well they’re gone now thanks to this ”community”. 

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